3 de nov de 2016


The blue sky
The sun shining
The morning breeze

The peace inside

The taste of honey
The smell of coffee
The smile so happy

The buterfly inside

The journey
The walk
The holding hands

The lightness inside

The picture taken
The candy
The laughs given

The harmony inside
The hug
The discover
The share

The palpitations inside

The melody
The look
The united souls

The dream inside

The night
The beauty
The stars blinking

The couple
The moon
The midnight

Until end inside...

This was the last time
This is a goodbye
A goodbye fom a guy
was really loving you

The night bad slept
The nightmare
The yesterday thoughts

The nightmare still inside

The stuck moment
The anguish
The stare

The sadness impossible to hide

The eyes
The questions
The void

The memories with an acid taste

The sepia
The reality
The out of orbit

The time everything changed

The mismatch
The silence
The assumption

The other side never seen

The holding line
The words unspoken
The sleeping truth

The uncommon semblance

The breathe
The spirit
The ruin forever

The tears spitted as never

The last time
The goodbye
The sure

The feelings dissolved

This is from a guy
who still love you
still love you
... still love you

Yuri Thomazelli

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